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Emmaus Björkå donates 50000 SEK to Ship To Gaza

April 20, 2010

Emmaus Björkå, a second-hand clothes store chain in Sweden and one of the BDS H&M campaign endorsers, is donating 50,000 Swedish crowns (5,000 EUR) to the Ship To Gaza campaign. As part of the protests against H&M’s store openings in Israel, Emmaus Björkå have asked their customers to donate 10 crowns to Ship To Gaza when they have shopped second-hand H&M clothes. Emmaus Björkå customers have donated in total 15,000 crowns and Emmaus Björkå have contributed with an additional 35,000 crowns.

We are very happy for the solidarity that Emmaus Björkå and their customers have shown towards Gaza’s confined population, say Mattias Gardell and Dror Feiler, spokes persons for Ship To Gaza. We have now purchased a ship that, loaded with construction materials and medical equipment, will sail to Gaza in May. We sail together with a convoy of eight ships, of which three cargo ships, that have been equiped by solidarity movements in Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Ireland, and other countries, who are weary of our governments looking the other way when Israel in violation of international law has turned Gaza into the world’s largest outdoor prison. The action sends an important message to Gaza’s population: You are not alone!

Emmaus Björkå is against investments in the occupying power Israel. We support the Palestinian boycott-movement and want to add pressure for peaceful solutions to the Palestine-conflict. We demand that H&M cease their establishment in Israel until Israel respects human rights, stops violating international law, and gives Palestinians their right to return to a free Palestine, says Nanna Nilsson, General Secretary of Emmaus Björkå.

Much of the text above is translated from Emmaus Björkå’s blog (Swedish). The Free Gaza Movement has more info about the ship convoy that sails in May to break the siege of Gaza.