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H&M Protest in Gothenburg on April 19th

April 23, 2011

On April 19th 2011, human rights activists in Gothenburg, Sweden, labeled items in H&M stores with alternative price tags carrying the message of the BDS against H&M campaign. The action protests H&M’s continued establishment in the apartheid state of Israel. H&M recently opened new stores in Petah Tikva and Netanya, thus turning a blind eye to massive human rights violations and disregarding the global movement for boycott, divestment, and sanctions to end Israels apartheid. H&M’s management would be well advised to take in the ethical ramifications of apartheid in Israel, apartheid in East Jerusalem, and apartheid in the West Bank.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Price tag text in English:

Solidarity 0 EUR

Israel is today criticised more harshly than ever for the occupation of Palestine. At the same time, H&M chooses to open seven stores in that country and thereby fund and profit from the occupation.

We are many who demand that H&M should abort their establishment in Israel. If you also support solidarity with Palestine, you should choose to shop somewhere else. Solidarity is free.

Boycott H&M!

Don’t buy into
the occupation
Check out


Call for action: Protest against H&M opening a new store in Petah Tikva

March 23, 2011

In the aftermath of the Gaza massacre in January 2009, the management of H&M decided to open seven stores in Israel. Despite worldwide protests and Israel’s massive violations of international humanitarian law, H&M opened four stores in 2010, in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, and Kfar Saba. The fifth and sixth stores in Israel are scheduled for opening on 24 March 2011 in Petah Tikva and 31 March 2011 in Netanya.

The boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israeli apartheid has clearly informed H&M that investments in Israel are as unethical as investments in apartheid South Africa were. South Africa’s apartheid had three pillars: (1) greater rights for a privileged racial group, (2) segregation of the racial groups into different geographical areas, and (3) bureaucratical and military oppression of liberation movements. Israel today upholds such a system that oppresses Palestinians in Israel and in the occupied territories.

Palestinian citizens of Israel face severe discrimination in all spheres of society. While Palestinians constitute nearly 20% of the population of Israel, they are only allowed to reside on 3% of the land, in segregated and economically neglected villages and neighbourhoods. 4% of the state budget is allocated to Palestinian citizens and half of all Palestinian families in Israel live below the poverty line. 70 000 Palestinians with Israeli citizenship reside in 50 villages that the Israeli state has never recognised and are thus withheld basic necessities such as water, electricity, sewerage etc. Racial affiliation is recorded in the passports of all Israeli citizens.

The call to H&M is made by 58 organisations around the world and protests have been held in tens of countries. These organisations argue that by investing in Israel, while the oppressed Palestinian people are calling for worldwide BDS, H&M makes a political statement that Israeli apartheid is not an unethical business context. In fact it makes the continued occupation and apartheid profitable for Israel and makes H&M’s ethical policy seem like window-dressing. It gives a green light to, for example, the recent complete flattening of the village Al-Araqib in the south of Israel and ethnic cleansing of all its 300 Palestinian residents. In Lod, about 20 kilometers from H&M’s new store, 74 Palestinians have been made homeless after the demolition of their houses. In the West Bank, the villages of Farasiya and Khirbet Tana have been completely demolished.

We urge H&M to follow the lead of Japanese clothes retailer Muji by not opening stores in Israel until the apartheid system is dismantled. And we call on people of conscience around the world to protest against H&M’s fifth and sixth stores in an apartheid state. We do so especially considering the upcoming Land Day and BDS Day of Action on the 30th of March.

H&M Flashmob in Gothenburg on October 31st

November 11, 2010

On 31 October 2010, a BDS flashmob visited the flagship H&M store in Gothenburg, Sweden, to protest against H&M:s establishment in Apartheid Israel. The BDS H&M action is displayed at 3:15 in the video.


Inauguration of H&M apartheid store

September 15, 2010

[in French at Euro Palestine]
[in Swedish at ISM Sweden]

On 26 August 2010, H&M opened its fourth store in the apartheid state of Israel. To mark the occasion, BDS activists in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 8 September protested outside the local H&M flagship store. The protest theme was a satirical inauguration of the new apartheid store, with an inaugural speech, ribbon cutting ceremony, question competition, checkpoint, and flyers.

Ribbon cutting ceremony for H&M apartheid store

Gothenburg, Sweden

Inauguration of H&M apartheid store

Gothenburg, Sweden. Text: Special offer! Buy into apartheid.

H&M will report price tag action to the police

September 10, 2010
H&M store and BDS H&M price tag

Image by the Local Newspaper in Helsingborg, Sweden

Coup against H&M will be reported to the police

9 September 2010 [original report in Swedish]

Criticized for establishment in Israel – Price tag calls for boycott

HELSINGBORG. H&M is criticized for the decision to open stores in Israel and has been exposed to a coup on the clothing price tags, on which consumers are encouraged to boycott the clothing giant. Now H&M is reporting the event to the police.

Several price tags on different articles of clothing in H&M’s store in Helsingborg have today been exposed to vandalism and a call to boycott the entire brand. A new sticker has been glued on the regular price tag with the message to boycott the store as they plan to open seven stores in Israel.
“We are many who demand that H&M should abort their establishment in Israel. If you also support solidarity with Palestine, you should choose to shop somewhere else. Solidarity is free. Boycott H&M.” This extract is one paragraph of the new “price tag”.

Håcan Andersson, press contact at H&M, knows about the event and according to him the company will file a report to the police concerning vandalism.
– We know that this has been done in a few stores and on a few articles of clothing. We remove the tags in the stores when we discover them. We view it as vandalism and will submit a report to the police, says Håcan Andersson.

Exactly which stores and how many he does not know. Neither does he know how common it is that H&M stores are exposed to this type of event.
H&M also says it has received wishes from customers to open stores in Israel and in a statement from Håcan Andersson they say, amongst other things, the following:
“We lean against authorities like the UN and they do not have sanctions against conducting business with Israel. We also follow the EU’s trade directive. The feedback we have received concerning our establishment is very positive and there has for several years been requests from customers that H&M should open in Israel.”

The boycott [call] in its entirety
“Israel is today criticised more harshly than ever for the occupation of Palestine. At the same time, H&M chooses to open seven stores in that country and thereby fund and profit from the occupation. We are many who demand that H&M should abort their establishment in Israel. If you also support solidarity with Palestine, you should choose to shop somewhere else. Solidarity is free. Boycott H&M”

“That is what they said about the apartheid regime in South Africa too”

10 September 2010 [original report in Swedish]

The network behind the coup against Hennes & Mauritz defends its action

HELSINGBORG. Despite the threat of a police report, the message is clear from the network behind the action against Hennes & Mauritz.
– We will continue this kind of action against companies that do business with Israel no matter what the consequences will be, says one member of Isolate Israel’s local group in Helsingborg.

Isolate Israel is a network of groups and individuals that support Palestine’s struggle for freedom by, among other things, encouraging people to boycott companies that do business with Israel.
– One way to get Israel out of Palestine is to boycott Israeli goods. Our actions perhaps do not make so much of a difference that we can see the change with our own eyes. But we want to raise an opinion for a change in the future, says the member.

Why H&M?
– People must be made aware that they are supporting a company that is opening more and more stores in Israel. By shopping at H&M, consumers are supporting Israel, a country that has been found guilty of many crimes against human rights.

H&M is defending its investments in Israel with the fact that there are no UN sanctions against the country. What is your view on this?
– That is what they said about the apartheid regime in South Africa too, before sanctions were introduced against them. If one supports a country that kills and oppresses, then someone must react, says the member of Isolate Israel.

H&M Protests in Sweden on August 18th and 28th

August 31, 2010

On August 18th and 28th there were protests in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden, against H&M’s continued establishment in Israel. Activists handed out flyers to customers and informed about H&M’s investment in an apartheid state – Kfar Saba is the fourth H&M store opened in Israel this year – and how it contradicts the global BDS movement aiming to defeat apartheid. H&M turns a blind eye to the blatant discrimination of Palestinians in Israel and to the ethnic cleansing and occupation being perpetrated not far from the new H&M stores.  Furthermore, H&M stores in Sweden were labeled with alternative price tags. The new sticker price tags are similar in size and style to the original labels, and carry the message of the BDS against H&M campaign.


Price tag text in English:

Solidarity 0 EUR

Israel is today criticised more harshly than ever for the occupation of Palestine. At the same time, H&M chooses to open seven stores in that country and thereby fund and profit from the occupation.

We are many who demand that H&M should abort their establishment in Israel. If you also support solidarity with Palestine, you should choose to shop somewhere else. Solidarity is free.

Boycott H&M!

Don’t buy into
the occupation
Check out

Info in French at Euro Palestine.

Call for action: Protest on August 18th and 26th against H&M

August 11, 2010

H&M is doing it again!

H&M’s establishment in Israel is continuing. A new men’s department is opening in H&M’s store in Haifa on the 18th of August and on the 26th of August they are opening their fourth store, this time in Kfar Saba. Despite worldwide criticism and Israel’s continued ignorance of international law.

In Sweden, on the 18th and 26th of August actions will be held around the country to make customers aware of H&M’s continued establishment in Israel. We are finding new innovative ways of reaching out to the staff, management and customers of H&M.

We do hope that you all will be able to join us.

The “H&M, don’t buy into occupation” campaign

H&M Flashmobs in Sweden on July 10th

July 22, 2010

The fifth anniversary of the BDS call was marked in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden, with BDS flashmobs visiting various shops that fund Israeli apartheid – including H&M.  Activists were dressed in uniform coloured t-shirts with printed messages “Boycott Israel” and “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions”, and walked in line, silently, through the city streets and shops. More info at BDS Day of Action.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

H&M Picket in Manchester on July 3rd

July 3, 2010
H&M Picket in Manchester on July 3rd 2010

Manchester, UK

More info at Revolutionary Communist Group.

Alternative H&M Price Tags in Sweden

June 23, 2010

In June 2010, clothes in H&M stores across Sweden have been labeled with alternative price tags. The new sticker price tags are similar in size and style to the original labels, and carry the message of the BDS against H&M campaign.

Alternative H&M Price Tag in Sweden


Price tag text in English:

Solidarity 0 EUR

Israel is today criticised more harshly than ever for the occupation of Palestine. At the same time, H&M chooses to open seven stores in that country and thereby fund and profit from the occupation.

We are many who demand that H&M should abort their establishment in Israel. If you also support solidarity with Palestine, you should choose to shop somewhere else. Solidarity is free.

Boycott H&M!

Don’t buy into
the occupation
Check out

H&M caught in boycott crossfire

June 14, 2010

Since opening three stores in Israel in March and April 2010, H&M has been targeted by our global BDS campaign. Just like when the global BDS movement contributed to the fall of apartheid in South Africa, there are companies that choose profit in Israel over social responsibility for Palestine. Our worldwide and creative protests demand that H&M delay its investments in Israel until Israel respects international law and human rights also for Palestinians.

We continue to urge H&M to get in line with the global BDS movement to free Palestine from apartheid and ethnic cleansing. Recently the shocking and deadly attack on the Freedom Flotilla has been added to Israel’s long list of international law violations. It remains to be seen if the international outcry and disgust for this attack will help H&M to rethink their plans to open four additional stores in Israel. Until H&M reconsider, we continue to recommend consumers to boycott and disinvest from H&M.

Undoubtedly, being under fire by the BDS for Palestine movement is a serious concern for the H&M brand. Adding to the headache, H&M has now come under fire also by ultra-nationalists in Israel. Just one month ago, they were elated by the financial support and legitimative whitewashing offered by H&M’s establishment in Israel. However, following the attack on the Freedom Flotilla, these Israelis are calling for boycott of H&M because many of H&M’s products are made in Turkey. While this is in no way affiliated with our BDS campaign against H&M, we take humourous note of the unlikely crossfire that H&M has navigated into.

H&M Protest in Geneva on May 29th

June 1, 2010

Poster Protest in Umeå

May 27, 2010

On May 22nd in Umeå/Sweden, on the annual cultural festival “Culture Night”, activists put speech bubbles on H&M bikini posters to inform about the H&M investment in Israel and to encourage a boycott of H&M and Israeli products. The message to consumers is that H&M is now selling bikinis, oppression, occupation, apartheid, and white phosphorus bombs. The festival had more than 40 000 visitors.

Umeå, Sweden

Umeå, Sweden

Umeå, Sweden

Umeå, Sweden

H&M Protest in London on April 29th

May 23, 2010

Also, there is a new video from the H&M protest in Paris on March 20th, here at Youtube.

H&M Protest in Brussels on May 15th

May 17, 2010

To commemorate the 62nd anniversary of the Nakba, the COordination Boycott Israël (COBI) in Belgium had planned to organise a march through Brussels city centre, but remarkably the city denied a permit for this. In tune with this silencing of protest, activists on May 15 marched silently with lips sealed through the main shopping street and paid visits to the H&M stores there.

Call for international BOYCOTTS and DIVESTMENTS of H&M

April 25, 2010

World-wide pressure on H&M is intensifying!

Call for international BOYCOTTS and DIVESTMENTS of H&M

In March 2010 H&M opened its first store in Israel shortly after the Goldstone findings of Israeli war crimes in Gaza. The negotiations between H&M Sweden and Match Retail in Israel were announced 9 December 2008 and upgraded on 22 July 2009. The Israeli war on Gaza took place between 27 December 2008 -18 January 2009; while the European Union decided to halt the of the association treaty in light of the Israeli war against Gaza, H&M de facto awarded Israel for it.

The newly elected CEO of H&M, Karl-Johan Persson, even honoured the opening of the first store on 11 March 2010 with his presence. He cut the ribbon and gave the inspiring words: “It’s been a fantastic reception so far in Israel; it feels great to finally be here with our first store. We are convinced that our business concept will suit the Israeli customer very well…”. At the store opening in Jerusalem, the ribbon was cut by the major, Nir Barkat, who’s policies openly include ethnic cleansing in East Jerusalem.

In complete disregard of Israel’s crimes against humanitarian law and in utter greediness, H&M decided to establish a chain of stores in Israel, thereby sending a signal to the Israeli government and public that its crimes are perfectly fine and even encouraged.

H&M has opened three stores in Israel so far, and another five are expected during 2010 and 2011 (no dates of further openings are available). Each store opening has been met by world-wide protests.

The campaign will continue to inform H&M, their customers and the public of the inappropriateness of establishing in Israel while Israel is continuing to expand settlements, conduct arbitrary executions, expropriate Palestinian land, ethnically cleanse Jerusalem and ignore the international community’s demands for a just peace.

Since our last communiqué the campaign has found creative new ways and more supporters have joined. Barcelona joined the campaign and staged an impressive protest at H&M. Inspired by Paris, Brussels took over an H&M store. In Berkeley, street adverts announced the H&M military collection 2010. In Sweden in several cities H&M stores have been targeted; in Gothenburg the protests were energized by anti-BDS protestors who also attracted police to the scene; in Malmö security personnel forcefully removed protestors from an H&M store. One unique campaign initiated by the second-hand clothes store chain Emmaus Björkå in Sweden generated a 5000 EUR donation to Ship to Gaza. In Lebanon streets and walls have been graffitied, encouraging people to boycott H&M. And much more.

There is a run among international corporations to establish in Israel and H&M is only one of them. The aggressive campaign by the Israeli foreign trade ministry, the Re-Brand Israel campaign and the US and EU countries’ campaigning for increased trade exchange with Israel in the framework of a policy of “trade for peace”, have created a fertile environment for corporate establishments. The BDS movement is unable to focus on all the companies that have relations in Israel; therefore we must work to set examples in order to break the trend. We believe that H&M is a perfect company to target:

  1. It has a massive Corporate Social Responsibility policy
  2. It is a first-hand consumer goods company which means we are not facing a unreachable company that few customers deal with or even know about
  3. H&M are very sensitive to their image and how customers perceive them
  4. It is a business under heavy competition
  5. H&M is present around the world which makes this a perfect campaign for the BDS movement
  6. H&M is also located in the Middle East which also adds the potential of protests from the Arab world
  7. H&M made the mistake of establishing in Israel just after the war on Gaza and completely ignored the turn in trends for Israel
  8. H&M may speak warmly on human rights in their CSR documents but are infamous for violating the rights of their workers. This gives additional legitimacy to targeting the company.

Let us continue this campaign until H&M have no choice but to stop their establishment in Israel. And if H&M management stubbornly holds on to their Israel investment, then they should suffer a heavy price for it in terms of global image deterioration and loss of customers and share holders. We will keep you updated of any developments regarding the remaining five stores. In the meantime:

  • Sign our protest lists
  • Sell any shares that you may have in H&M and tell the company why
  • Write a letter to H&M
  • Join the H&M Facebook fan group and spread the H&M BDS message there
  • Cancel your H&M membership card and tell H&M why
  • Encourage even more organisations to become campaign endorsers
  • Continue to protest outside your local H&M stores as often as you can and let’s be inspired by each other.

And don’t forget to regularly check the campaign site and join our Facebook group!

BDS H&M Added to Wikipedia

April 24, 2010

The Wikipedia pages about H&M have recently had information about the BDS H&M campaign added under the heading “Controversy”:

In March 2010, H&M was criticized by pro-Palestinian groups for opening its first stores in Israel at a time when the UN Goldstone report highlighted Israel’s crimes against international law. Boycott campaigns have spread around the world with protests regularly being held outside H&M stores.

This can so far be viewed on the following pages in English, including which copies the text from Wikipedia:

Round Up of Recently Added Videos

April 21, 2010

In the past couple of days, we have been adding some videos to previous posts. You can find them in the posts and also listed in the Videos page. The recently added videos are: Utrecht, Netherlands (30 March 2010); Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain (10 April 2010) – also a version at Vimeo; Malmö, Sweden (15 April 2010); Brussels, Belgium (17 April 2010).

Emmaus Björkå donates 50000 SEK to Ship To Gaza

April 20, 2010

Emmaus Björkå, a second-hand clothes store chain in Sweden and one of the BDS H&M campaign endorsers, is donating 50,000 Swedish crowns (5,000 EUR) to the Ship To Gaza campaign. As part of the protests against H&M’s store openings in Israel, Emmaus Björkå have asked their customers to donate 10 crowns to Ship To Gaza when they have shopped second-hand H&M clothes. Emmaus Björkå customers have donated in total 15,000 crowns and Emmaus Björkå have contributed with an additional 35,000 crowns.

We are very happy for the solidarity that Emmaus Björkå and their customers have shown towards Gaza’s confined population, say Mattias Gardell and Dror Feiler, spokes persons for Ship To Gaza. We have now purchased a ship that, loaded with construction materials and medical equipment, will sail to Gaza in May. We sail together with a convoy of eight ships, of which three cargo ships, that have been equiped by solidarity movements in Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Ireland, and other countries, who are weary of our governments looking the other way when Israel in violation of international law has turned Gaza into the world’s largest outdoor prison. The action sends an important message to Gaza’s population: You are not alone!

Emmaus Björkå is against investments in the occupying power Israel. We support the Palestinian boycott-movement and want to add pressure for peaceful solutions to the Palestine-conflict. We demand that H&M cease their establishment in Israel until Israel respects human rights, stops violating international law, and gives Palestinians their right to return to a free Palestine, says Nanna Nilsson, General Secretary of Emmaus Björkå.

Much of the text above is translated from Emmaus Björkå’s blog (Swedish). The Free Gaza Movement has more info about the ship convoy that sails in May to break the siege of Gaza.

H&M Protest in Brussels on April 17th

April 20, 2010

Graffiti in Beirut

April 17, 2010

BDS Lebanon have added BDS H&M graffiti to the walls and stairs of Beirut, Lebanon. More photos available in our Facebook group H&M, don’t buy into Occupation!

Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon

Inspiration from April 15th

April 16, 2010

In Umeå, Sweden, protesters gathered outside the central H&M store. Dressed as Israeli occupation forces, the protesters handed out flyers. Speeches were held and the Left Student Association, one of the campaign endorsers, joined the protest. Protesters also went into the H&M shop to inform the staff about the BDS campaign. The protest was well received and appreciated by bypassers and many agreed to boycott H&M until the day they freeze their establishment in Israel or the day when Israel starts respecting human rights and withdraw from the occupation of Palestine.

Umeå, Sweden. Text1: Defend international law, boycott Israel. Text2: Against Israel's terror and apartheid, for a Palestine without walls.

Umeå, Sweden

Umeå, Sweden. Text: H&M loves discrimination, apartheid, injustice, torture, war crimes...

Umeå, Sweden. Text: 50 organisations in 15 countries support BDS boycott of H&M.

In Malmö, Sweden, protesters organised a town square gathering with speeches and information handouts. An open letter to H&M board chair Stefan Persson was read out aloud. Three activists also dressed up as Israeli occupation soldiers and went into a nearby H&M store to inform customers about the BDS campaign (see the video at Vimeo). More info at Isolate Israel (Swedish).

Malmö, Sweden. Text: H&M, don't buy into the occupation of Palestine.

In Gothenburg, Sweden, protesters performed an alternative fashion show outside the city’s largest H&M store and handed out flyers. Second-hand clothes store Emmaus Björkå, one of the campaign endorsers, participated in the protest by organising a ‘free shop’ with the purpose of providing free clothes as an alternative for customers instead of H&M. More info at ISM Sweden (Swedish) and Emmaus Björkå (Swedish).

Gothenburg, Sweden. Text: Special offer! Buy into the occupation of Palestine.

Gothenburg, Sweden. Text1: Special offer! Buy into the occupation of Palestine. Text2: Special offer! Buy into ethnic cleansing & apartheid.

Gothenburg, Sweden. Text: Welcome to H&M's new stores. No worries, they ain't in Gaza.

Gothenburg, Sweden. Emmaus Björkå free shop.

Bus Stop Ad in Berkeley

April 14, 2010

Berkeley, California, USA

Berkeley, California, USA

Berkeley, California, USA

More info at U.S. Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel.

H&M Protest in Barcelona on April 10th

April 11, 2010

More info at (in Catalan).

Video at BTV (local TV from Barcelona)

Video at EuropaPress (news agency)

A longer version of the above video is at Vimeo.

Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Call for Action: Protest on April 15 against H&M

April 8, 2010

The BDS H&M campaign is launching a fourth wave of protests against the H&M establishment in Israel.

Tell H&M not to invest in Israel until Israel respects international law and human rights!

On Thursday April 15 2010, H&M will open its third store in Israel, this time in Haifa. The first and second stores were opened March 11 in Tel Aviv and March 16 in Jerusalem, and were both met by worldwide protests. The third wave of protests came on March 30, as part of the Global BDS Day of Action. On April 15, solidarity groups around the world will protest against H&M’s support for Israeli defiance of international law and human rights, and will encourage consumers to boycott H&M.

We are aware of H&M:s corporate responsibility statement, and note that H&M claims to act by the Global Compact, which, amongst other things, obliges them to make sure their own corporations are not complicit in human rights abuses. We encourage H&M to respect their own code of conduct and their recent statement of being a company that does not take a political stand. By developing business interests in Israel, H&M is making itself complicit in the illegal and immoral practices of the Israeli state.

Together with people of conscience in Palestine, Israel, and all over the world, we are now over 50 organizations from 15 countries; we call upon H&M to take a moral stand on the question of Israel’s human rights abuses and illegal practices against the Palestinian people, and refuse to do business in Israel. We demand that H&M takes urgent steps to withdraw from all activity in Israel until such time as the country respects international law and the human rights of the Palestinian people.

Protests are being arranged around the world. Please inform us about your actions and we will publish it on the campaign blog and Facebook group. You are free to download the campaign materials and can find useful inspiration in the photos and videos from previous protests against H&M or globally.

Suggested actions include:
* Alternative H&M fashion show (Spring Collection 2010 / Occupation Fashion 2010), where the models sport plastic guns and green army jackets.
* Display posters and distribute flyers to let customers outside your local H&M store know that it is not ok to buy into occupation. Themes that have been used include “H&M don’t buy into the occupation”, “H&M spring collection / occupation fashion”, and “H&M loves occupation / apartheid / ethnic cleansing”. We can also use the recent drawings by Latuff.
* Suggest to the staff and management of your local H&M store that they should inform the H&M central office that it is not ok to buy into occupation.
* Publish debate articles about H&M’s support for the occupation and the worldwide protests.
* Encourage people of conscience to sign our petition, send letters to H&M, and cancel their H&M membership cards.
* Paint mural graffiti (legally) depicting H&M’s support for the occupation.

The BDS H&M campaign organizers

We are always available for questions and support:
BDS H&M campaign blog:
BDS H&M campaign Facebook group:

H&M 2 by Latuff

April 4, 2010

Drawing by Latuff in full colour. It is available in a more black and white version here, and a slightly modified version adapted for black and white print and manual red colouring in of the H&M logo is here.

Inspiration from March 30th

April 3, 2010

Global BDS-day in Stockholm, Sweden

The Wall Must Fall! The Global BDS day in Stockholm included a three meter high wall on which the logos of companies profiting from the occupation was posted of which of course H&M received special attention. Leaflets were distributed outside a nearby H&M store. More info at PGS (in Swedish) and BDS Day Of Action.

Stockholm, Sweden. Text: Special offer, H&M, support the occupation.

Stockholm, Sweden

Global BDS-day in Malmö, Sweden

More info at Isolate Israel (Swedish) and BDS Day Of Action (English).

Malmö, Sweden. Text: No peace without justice.

Malmö, Sweden

Global BDS-day in Gothenburg, Sweden

More info at ISM Sweden (in Swedish).

Fashion show, Gothenburg / Sweden

Global BDS-day in Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Canada

Global BDS-day in Utrecht, Netherlands

H&M by Latuff

March 30, 2010

Drawing by Latuff. A slightly modified version, adapted for black and white print and manual red colouring in of the H&M logo is here.

Graffiti: H&M spring collection 2010

March 29, 2010

Malmö, Sweden

More info about this mural graffiti at Isolate Israel (in Swedish) and BDS Day Of Action.

H&M Protest in Paris on March 20th

March 25, 2010

More info at EuroPalestine (in French).

Video 1 with English subtitles

Video 1 with Spanish subtitles

Video 2:

Paris, France

Paris, France

Inspiration from March 16th!

March 17, 2010

Three pictures from some of the manifestations yesterday (March 16th).

Fashion show, Malmö / Sweden. Text: H&M, don't buy the occupation of Palestine

Fashion show, Stockholm/Sweden. Text: Special offer, H&M, Support the occupation

Beirut, Lebanon

First store opened, first day of protests accomplished

March 12, 2010

H&M opened its first store in Israel yesterday 11 March. This was also the first day of events against the H&M establishment in Israel. In Sweden protests took place in Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, Lund, Umeå and Helsinborg. Events also took place in Denmark (Copenhagen), UK (Sheffield), and Japan (Tokyo). Please let us know if you have arranged any type of event. So far the campaign has nearly 50 endorsers!

Mainstream Israeli media covered the events as well as Swedish main media outlets and the management of H&M has responded on our activities with concern.

Thank you everyone for joining the BDS call! Youtube video, pictures and media links follows below.

Stockholm, Sweden

Göteborg / Gothenburg, Sweden

København / Copenhagen, Denmark

Malmö, Sweden

Tokyo, Japan

Modkraft: Tøjgigant møder kritik efter åbning af butik i Israel (Den)

Sydsvenskan: Protester mot H&M:s etablering i Israel (Swe)

Ynet: European groups: Boycott H&M over Israel stores (Eng)

Haaretz: Pro-Palestinian urge boycott of Europe’s H&M after Israel branch opens (Eng)

The Marker: באירופה מפגינים – בישראל מסתערים: אלפים התנפלו על חנות H&M בקניון עזריאלי (Heb)

GLZ: בארץ, לא כולם מרוצים H&M (Heb)

GLZ: מה בוער שעתיים של אקטואליה עם רינו צרור 11.3.10 (Heb)

Jerusalem Post: Shoppers storm Israel’s 1st H&M store (Eng)

Laholms tidning: Aktioner i Lund och Malmö mot H&M (Swe)

Fria Tidningen: H&M utan socialt ansvar (Swe)

Skånskan: Aktioner i Lund och Malmö mot H&M (Swe)

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