Join the campaign

Add your organization to the list, spread the word and head for your local H&M store and let them know that it is not ok to buy into Occupation and Oppression. See the suggested actions below.

1. Send a message to: with your organizations name, and what country and if possible city you are from.

2. Identify your local H&M store at:

3. Feel free to download any material from this website, or produce your own, and start making customers outside your local H&M store aware that H&M is buying into the Occupation.

4. Don’t forget to spread the word!

Suggested actions!

Suggested actions include:

  • Alternative H&M Spring Collection Fashion Show, where the models sport plastic guns and green army jackets – ”the perfect look for the young trendy woman who thinks all that talk about freedom, justice and equality is so old-fashioned. Inspired by war, occupation and embargoes, the spring collection offers a wide selection of accessories to choose from, including both the sporty Uzi and the more elegant M-16.” See how it was done in Sweden by clicking here. If you need music for the show, please contact us.
  • Download a flyer from our blog, print it and let customers outside your local H&M store know that it’s not ok to buy into occupation. You can locate your nearest H&M store by clicking here.
  • Suggest to the staff and management of your local H&M store that they should inform the H&M central office that it’s not ok to buy into occupation.
  • Make banners and posters, see some examples here.
  • Encourage H&M members to hand in their membership card to the nearest H&M store with a note saying for example: I was a faithful member and customer at H&M. I am so no longer. I think that it is wrong that H&M is opening stores in Israel while Israel is continuing its illegal occupation of Palestine. I believed that H&M respected Human Rights. Now I know that it is not so. Therefore I now return my membership card”.
  • Sign a petition demanding that H&M stop the establishment in Israel here
  • Send a letter or an e-mail to H&M here
  • Return clothes that have recently been bought at H&M telling the shopkeeper that you are doing so because of their establishment in Israel.
  • Stage protests and demonstrations outside H&M offices.
  • Become a fan or member at one of H&M:s fansites and let their members know what you think about their establishment in Israel.

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