Protest on March 16th

On the 16th of March, H&M will open its second store in Israel, this time in Malcha Mall in Jerusalem. We will try to collect information on protests against the establishment worldwide in this blogpost. Please read our statement Tell H&M not to buy into occupation – Jerusalem is not for sale! for more information. Don’t forget to check the documents section for flyers and additional information.

  • Beirut, Lebanon: Protest in front of H&M on Hamra Street at 5pm.
  • Malmö, Sweden: Fashion show and distribution of flyers outside H&M on Gustav Adolfs Torg starting at 16pm. Emmaus Björkå will arrange a freeshop, distrobution of clothes.
  • Stockholm, Sweden:  Fashion show and distribution of flyers outside H&M on Drottningatan at 16-18pm.
  • Umeå: Distribution of flyers outside H&M starting at 16.30pm
  • Göteborg: Distribution of flyers outside H&M starting at 16.00pm

Protests are being arranged around the world. Inform us about your intensions and we will publish it on this page and disseminate the information through other channels such as our group and event on Facebook. If you plan to protest you are free do download and use the material on this page in any way you desire.

Suggested actions include:

  • Alternative H&M Spring Collection Fashion Show, where the models sport plastic guns and green army jackets – ”the perfect look for the young trendy woman who thinks all that talk about freedom, justice and equality is so old-fashioned. Inspired by war, occupation and embargoes, the spring collection offers a wide selection of accessories to choose from, including both the sporty Uzi and the more elegant M-16.” See how it was done in Sweden by clicking here.
  • Download a flyer from our blog, print it and let customers outside your local H&M store know that it’s not ok to buy into occupation. You can locate your nearest H&M store by clicking here.
  • Suggest to the staff and management of your local H&M store that they should inform the H&M central office that it’s not ok to buy into occupation.
  • Make banners and posters, see some examples here.

We are always available for questions and support:


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  1. Protester Mot H&M 16 Mars « Palestina Aktivism Says:

    […] 13 mars 2010 vid 22:44 · Arkiverad under Nytt ·Taggad Aktivism, Palestina Tisdag 16 mars öppnar Hennes & Mauritz en butik i shoppincentret Malcha i Jerusalem. Liksom vid butiksöppningen 11 mars, blir det protester utanför H&M’s butiker, eftersom investeringar i Israel bidrar ekonomiskt och politiskt till ockupationen av Palestina. Mer info hos H&M Don’t Buy Into Occupation (1), och (2). […]

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