H&M Protest in Gothenburg on April 19th


On April 19th 2011, human rights activists in Gothenburg, Sweden, labeled items in H&M stores with alternative price tags carrying the message of the BDS against H&M campaign. The action protests H&M’s continued establishment in the apartheid state of Israel. H&M recently opened new stores in Petah Tikva and Netanya, thus turning a blind eye to massive human rights violations and disregarding the global movement for boycott, divestment, and sanctions to end Israels apartheid. H&M’s management would be well advised to take in the ethical ramifications of apartheid in Israel, apartheid in East Jerusalem, and apartheid in the West Bank.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Price tag text in English:

Solidarity 0 EUR

Israel is today criticised more harshly than ever for the occupation of Palestine. At the same time, H&M chooses to open seven stores in that country and thereby fund and profit from the occupation.

We are many who demand that H&M should abort their establishment in Israel. If you also support solidarity with Palestine, you should choose to shop somewhere else. Solidarity is free.

Boycott H&M!

Don’t buy into
the occupation
Check out bdshm.org


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