Inspiration from March 30th


Global BDS-day in Stockholm, Sweden

The Wall Must Fall! The Global BDS day in Stockholm included a three meter high wall on which the logos of companies profiting from the occupation was posted of which of course H&M received special attention. Leaflets were distributed outside a nearby H&M store. More info at PGS (in Swedish) and BDS Day Of Action.

Stockholm, Sweden. Text: Special offer, H&M, support the occupation.

Stockholm, Sweden

Global BDS-day in Malmö, Sweden

More info at Isolate Israel (Swedish) and BDS Day Of Action (English).

Malmö, Sweden. Text: No peace without justice.

Malmö, Sweden

Global BDS-day in Gothenburg, Sweden

More info at ISM Sweden (in Swedish).

Fashion show, Gothenburg / Sweden

Global BDS-day in Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Canada

Global BDS-day in Utrecht, Netherlands


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    […] April 4, 2010 Global BDS-day in Stockholm, Sweden Posted by marcy/مارسي newman/نيومان under Boycott Campaigns, Economic Boycott Campaigns, Swedish Organizing Leave a Comment  Inspiration from March 30th […]

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